A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that supported YEAH at the 2019 Clark County Junior Livestock Auction!!!

Stay tuned for upcoming YEAH events!!!

Aug  01 2017

Thank you to everyone who supported YEAH and the youth participating in YEAH at the Clark county Fair Livestock Auction!!! 


YEAH Activities

Benefits of YEAH

AUGUST 30 2019

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported YEAH at the Junior Livestock Auction!!!

  • Donations of funds, meat, or canned goods to YEAH help feed hungry individuals and families in Clark County
  • YEAH sponsors and donors support the efforts of the Clark County Food Bank and 4-H/FFA programs
  • Sponsors and donors receive a tax deduction for their donations
  • Through YEAH, youth in 4-H and FFA programs become actively involved in helping the less fortunate in our community by volunteering at YEAH food drives and by making meat and monetary donations

Upcoming Events

To inspire youth civic engagement through agriculture education to alleviate hunger.

Our Mission

FEBRUARY 01 2019

Thanks to everyone who came out to this terrific event! Prairie High School Theater Department did an amazing job with their performances!


MARCH 01 2018

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported & donated to YEAH at the Yeah Haw Themed dinner. YEAH raised over $15000 of money that will be donated to the Clark County Food Bank!

  • Youth Raising Animals to be donated to the food bank
  • YEAH food drives throughout Clark County 
  • Youth learning about the importance of agriculture within the community 
  • Purchasing and processing meat from the Junior Livestock Auction 
  • Volunteering at the Clark County Food Bank