The YEAH Program needs YOUTH!!! If you are interested in making a difference in the community, working with other bright and motivated youth, learning about service through a variety of projects, and gaining leadership leadership experience, consider joining the YEAH Youth Council. The youth council is Youth Led, Youth involvement and Youth FUN!

Each month,  the YEAH youth council gets to participate and listen to and learn from an agriculture presenter from the community such as representatives from Purina, Reister Farms, BiZi Farms and many others. If you have questions about the YEAH Youth Council, e-mail:

Winter Animals

Youth interested in raising animals to support the Clark County Food Bank, can contact YEAH to provide guidance and assistance.  YEAH has had youth raising animals throughout the year.  Youth do not have to have any prior experience raising the animal in order to participate in the project, just a willingness to learn and have fun!  If you are interested in participating in the YEAH Winter Animal Program, please e-mail this completed form


Questions?s Feel free to contact us!

Donations of money, meat, or canned goods to YEAH help feed hungry individuals and families in Clark County. YEAH is asking YOU to become a part of our  AMAZING team! Contact us TODAY to see how you can get involved. If you are looking to sponsor an event or donate, click here to go to the donation page.

YEAH Youth Council

How YOU Can Get Involved

Name: Matthew Lubbers 
Year in School? 
-Junior, but first year as Running Start at Clark College 
How many years in 4H? 
-9? (as soon as I was eligible) 



Interview of YEAH Youth

of the Year

Matthew Lubbers

What type of animals have you raised?
-Pigs, alpaca, and horse (personally. My family has many others as well.) 
How long have you been involved in YEAH? 
-Indirectly, I have been involved in in the YEAH program since I began showing hogs, so 8 years. Only about 3 years ago is when I started attending meetings. 
What has been your favorite memory raising animals?
-One year, our hogs weren't growing at the rate that they would qualify for the sale, so as a precaution, we didn't take them out much to train and exercise them. That year, I only had one who made the weight limit of 220lbs at 220.1lbs! When it came time to show, because that hog had never been messed with, and therefore had a lot of energy... During SHOWMANSHIP, he started running around the arena and eventually buried his nose in the shavings and LAYED ON THE JUDGE'S FEET. Let's just say I'm probably never going to forget the embassment from that moment, but it sure is funny to think about. 
What do you want to do when you graduate?
-The main reason I sell hogs at the JLA is to raise funds to attend a university after graduating. I have not decided quite yet what college or degree I will be perusing, but at this point, I am leaning towards architectural engineering. 
Why is community service important to you?
-Knowing that I am helping people who need it most! With my youth group, I've gotten to go to soup kitchens and meet some of the people who are receiving food from the food bank, and though maybe they didn't get YEAH meat, it was pretty eye opening. 
What is your favorite food?
-Good food. I'm a chicken and waffles kind of guy. Last Christmas, I made bacon wrapped steak, topped with lobster, and it was delicious! 
If you were President for a day, what would be your first action?  
-Put programs in place that would alleviate the amount of trash Americans produce, by requiring things such as recyclable packaging materials. If there was still time after that, I would make sure that definitions of certain conflict causing titles were clearly defined, so that calling someone something that they aren't would seem uneducated. 
What would be your recommendation to other youth wanting to raise animals to alleviate hunger in Clark County?
-Talk to the YEAH program, because we can help you with the cost, so all it takes is a little extra effort. 


Youth, 4-H and FFA members, youth groups, parents and other individuals can volunteer with YEAH through a variety of activities.  YEAH volunteers can organize food drives, work with the YEAH committee to raise animals that can be donated to the Clark County Food Bank, organize fundraisers, and much more.  YEAH is always looking for more youth who want to make a difference within the community and adult volunteers who want to join an active committee working to alleviate hunger within Clark County.