The Hungry in Clark County

In 2020, YEAH donated 6719 pounds of local meat products raised by youth to the Clark County Food Bank.  This is enough food to feed the hungry for two months.  Meat donations to the Clark County Food Bank since our inception totaled over $400,000. YEAH in 2020 had over 50 youth participate in YEAH projects to alleviate hunger in Clark County and engage in community service.   

To learn more about the Clark County Food Bank, visit their website.

The Clark County Food Bank (CCFB) is the beneficiary of all food and fundraised through the YEAH Program. The CCFB has been the primary, countywide nonprofit food distribution organization since 1985.  We support 43 partners at 130 distribution sites, along with Food Bank led programs to serve the food insecure in our community. With over 100,000 hungry individuals in Clark County, the need is great.

What is YEAH?

Youth are the life force of YEAH!  Without the hard work and dedication of youth involved with YEAH, we would not be successful in donating high quality food to the Clark County Food Bank.  Youth raise the animals, organize food drives and fundraisers, and volunteer at other fun events throughout the year.  If you are interested in learning how to join YEAH, please feel free to contact us!

About the Clark County Food Bank

Youth in YEAH

The Clark County Food Bank distributed 6.5 million pounds of food to 43 partner agencies, including 5 hot meal sites; and the need continues to grow.

Over 10,000 food boxes are given to needy families each month

Washington State is the 25th hungriest state in the U.S.  In 2012, 15.4% of Washington households regularly struggled to provide enough food for their families. In 2016 1 in 8  Washington residents did not get enough food to meet their basic nutritional needs

1 in 5 kids in Washington State lives in Households that struggles to put food on the table. 

1 in 6 Washingtonians relies on their local food bank for assistance. 

Did You Know?

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YEAH is a nonprofit organization with the mission to inspire youth civic engagement through agriculture education to alleviate hunger.  Since its inception in 2006, YEAH has donated over 94,000 pounds of food to the Clark County Food Bank. Youth interested in serving their community and learning more about agriculture raise animals that are then donated to the Clark County Food Bank.  YEAH works to support youth projects throughout the year that are dedicated to alleviating hunger within Clark County.  Examples of youth projects include winter animal projects where the youth raise the animal and YEAH provides the feed and processing so that the animal can be donated to local food banks.  In addition, YEAH provides opportunities for youth to host food drives, visit farms, and other community members that are making a difference to alleviate hunger. Each August, YEAH becomes a support buyer at the Clark County Junior Livestock Auction and allows for buyers to donate their animals directly to YEAH or make cash donations to help pay for the purchase and processing of other animals.